Einführung in das Finanzmanagement und das Rechnungswesen

Lecture structure
Part 1 Finanzielles Rechnungswesen
Prof. Dr. Alexis H. Kunz
see www.iuc.unibe.ch
Part 2 Finanzmanagement
Dr. Andreas Jacobs
General information on part 2
Content The lecture "Einführung in das Finanz­management und das Rechnungswesen" is divided into two independent parts. Part 2 provides an overview of the central tasks in financial management and the fundamental methods of finance. This part is conducted by IFM.
Creditable Introductory studies
Execution Two-hour lecture
Time Thursdays, 8-10h, starting on 22.02.2018
Literature See ILIAS
Assistants Roman Ogi
Rahel Zbinden


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