Continuing Education

Firmenlogo: Rochester-Bern Executive Programs

Rochester-Bern Executive Programs is a foundation, which collaborates with the University of Rochester (Simon Business School, New York State, U.S.) and the University of Bern. Since 1995, continuing education for managers has been offered, such as the well-respected Rochester-Bern Executive MBA or company-specific programs for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS), Insel-Gruppe, and UBS Wealth Management. Additionally, courses of studies such as the CAS Board of Directors or courses in banking and finance.

University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is one of the leading private Universities in the U.S.. Twelve Nobel Prize winners and thirteen Pulitzer Prize winners belong to its Faculty and Alumni. The Simon Business School – one out of seven Faculties of the University of Rochester – has more than 50 years of experience in the Executive MBA market.

University of Bern

The University of Bern is one of ten Swiss Universities and has an excellent reputation in the field of business economics. Thanks to the cooperation with the University of Rochester, it has been offering - as the only University in Switzerland - an U.S. MBA degree.