Spring Term 2020

Changes due to the coronavirus

We will no longer offer on-site teaching until further notice. The courses will be replaced by digital solutions. Note, that it may take some time to edit and upload the podcasts to Ilias.

There are no more physical meetings with students. Meetings will only take place online, e.g. via e-mail or Skype. To schedule a meeting, please contact the respective assistant.

Lectures/proseminars on Bachelor level

  Lecturer Type ECTS
Sustainable Finance  Prof. Dr. Philip Valta Proseminar  4
International Finance Dr. des. Angela De Martiis Lecture 4.5

Einführung Finanzmanagement & Rechnungswesen
(Part Finanzmanagement)

Dr. Andreas Jacobs Lecture 3


Lectures/seminars on Master level

  Lecturer Type ECTS
Empirical Corporate Finance ** Prof. Dr. Philip Valta Seminar 6
Fixed Income Prof. Dr. Philippe Mueller Lecture 4.5
Real Estate Finance Prof. Dr. Donato Scognamiglio   Lecture 3
Risk Management Dr. Diego Liechti Lecture 6
Current Issues in Finance *** Prof. Dr. Philip Valta Literature   2
Investments Prof. Dr. Julien Cujean Lecture 6
Derivatives Prof. Dr. Julien Cujean Lecture 6


Further courses of the Institute for Financial Management: Introductury studies, Bachelor courses (BSc), Master courses (MSc)

* mandatory prerequisite for writing a master thesis at IFM.

** either this lecture or the lecture 'Econometrics I' is a mandatory prerequisite for writing a master thesis at IFM.

*** offered as literature study.