Executive MBA

The Rochester-Bern EMBA provides a holistic understanding of all aspects of business and the interconnections between them; courses are well-integrated and grounded in economic principles. Throughout the program, participants develop their personality and leadership skills.

Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
Dual Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Simon Business School University of Rochester)
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) (Universität Bern)
Participants Middle- and senior-level managers with the potential for taking on increased responsibilities in their organizations
  • academic or equivalent educational background
  • several years of management experience
  • hold positions of high responsibility 
Study model Part-time 
Start January of each year 
Duration 17 months 
Accreditation AACSB International since 1966
(Simon Business School, University of Rochester)
Presence Biweekly on Fridays/Saturdays and two course blocks abroad
  • Thun (Congress Hotel Seepark), Canton Bern, Switzerland
  • Rochester, Simon Business School, USA (4 week block)
  • Shanghai, China (1 week block) 
  • Israel / India / South Africa (optional trips)
Credits 90 ECTS points 
Language English
Costs CHF 75,000
Alumni Associations
  • Simonites: The Rochester-Bern Alumni Association
  • Simon Business School Alumni Association
  • UniBE: Universität Bern
  • SAMBAplus


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Rochester Bern Executive MBA