Executive MBA

The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA is a first-class General Management Program. It offers leading executives the opportunity to gain instruments and models, parallel to your individual career, which will help you to develop and implement successful business strategies in your company.

Rochester-Bern Executive MBA
Dual Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Simon Business School University of Rochester)
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) (Universität Bern)
Participants Middle- and senior-level managers with the potential for taking on increased responsibilities in their organizations
  • academic or equivalent educational background
  • several years of management experience
  • hold positions of high responsibility 
Study model Part-time 
Start January of each year 
Duration 18 months 
Accreditation AACSB International since 1966
(Simon Business School, University of Rochester)
Presence Biweekly on Fridays/Saturdays and two course blocks abroad
  • Thun (Congress Hotel Seepark), Canton Bern, Switzerland
  • Rochester, Simon Business School, USA (4 week block)
  • Silicon Valley, USA (1 week, optional trip)
  • Shanghai, China (1 week block) 
Credits 90 ECTS points 
Language English
Costs Tuition CHF 63,000 / Expenses CHF 12,000
Alumni Associations
  • Simonites: The Rochester-Bern Alumni Association
  • Simon Business School Alumni Association
  • UniBE: Universität Bern
  • SAMBAplus