International Finance

Dates & Announcements

18.02.2019 - 27.05.2019
Every Monday, 12:15h - 14:00h, HS 110 (Audimax).
No class on Monday, 22.04.2019 (Vacation)


1. Exam date: 03.06.2019, HG 110 Audimax
2. Exam date: 09.09.2019, HG 220

General information about the course
Course description This course introduces the fundamental knowledge on corporate financial management in an international context. More specifically, the course covers topics such as foreign exchange markets, identification and management of foreign exchange exposure, political risk, diversification in an international investment universe, and valuation of international projects.
Credits 4.5 ECTS / 3 hours per week, lecture cycle
Degree BSc
Language English
Work load Two class hours per week, Review Sessions, Literature
Teacher Prof. Dr. Zexi Wang
Assistants Christian Steiner
Roman Ogi
Prerequisites Completion of first-year courses ("Einführungsstudium")
Course Material All course material is provided on ILIAS.

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Shaprio A., Multinational Finanicial Management 10th Edition, 2013, Wiley

Brealey R., Myers S., Allen F., Principals of Corporate Finance 11th Edition, 2013, McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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